Call Center Careers in Dumaguete

Pac Biz is now hiring for several positions. Please fill out the information below after submitting your application, please send your resume to A hiring manager will call you to schedule a phone interview.

Sales Manager – Job posting closing 1/25/18
Pac Biz is looking for an experienced sales manager to run our growing outbound sales team. You will be responsible for working directly with the clients as their account manager, taking instruction from them as far as quotas, changes to the script and strategy, daily and weekly reports and managing the phone system (including loading calls).

We are looking for someone who can coach the agents, help turn them from good sales agents to great sales agents and to grow the sales department to a bigger workforce. You will be working directly with the owner of Pac Biz, based in Phoenix, Arizona and help develop possible leaders into future sales supervisors as the team grows.

We already have a team waiting for you to lead and if you are Pac Biz material, the position is available immediately.

We look forward to meeting you!

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